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Welcome to Sheena Shining!


Yoga invites us into deeper awareness of self and the union of all living beings, and propels us to act on the urgent social and political needs of our times.


Revolutionize your yoga practice. Connect with me TODAY!

Join me for upcoming Decolonizing Yoga Workshops & an "Omwashing Yoga" talk in London this May! 

I curate yoga programs, workshops, and retreats for kids, adults, youth, and yoga studios. My offerings help YOU purpose yoga and spirituality toward compassionate love, unity, and social justice liberation. ​​

Click on the images to link to specific offerings! 

I use the framework of healing justice to curate programs for social movements and groups that wish to build hope and resilience for the long-haul.

Learn more about the framework of "healing justice" and how I can curate a program uniquely tailored to your and your community's needs!

Yoga with Sheena is always fun!


"I love being a yoga warrior"
- Satya B., Silver Spring, Maryland

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10% of every Korra plushie sale will be donated to an Indigenous environmental organization, Honor the Earth!




Practice yoga with your very own Korra the mascot stuff animals!

Ready to Ship!

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As a scholar, I am committed to addressing the violent trends of yoga's weaponization, and dreaming towards its liberatory potential.  My essays on yoga & spirituality consider how we can center healing & wellness as a priority for ALL of humanity and Mother Earth.

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