As this Solstice Chakra Reset will be taking place in Jamaica in June 2022 and many participants will be arriving from another country, we imagine you may have several questions.  We have prepared some answers to anticipated questions below.


If you do not see your question answered below, please feel free to contact us at

Q - How do I register/where do I sign up?


A - Please follow the following 3 steps to secure your spot at our Solstice Chakra Reset!

  1. Visit our retreat packages page to select the retreat option that most appeals to you. If you wish to board in your own room please select an option that ends in a "1" (for example, OV-1, and CM-1). If you wish to share a room, whether that be with a participant you do/don't know, please select an option that ends in a "2" (or higher if it is at the "Just Next Door" Motel).

  2. After selecting your package, please complete our registration form with your personalized retreat information.

  3. After you have registered for the retreat, please be on the lookout for an email from for instructions on how you can complete your deposit. In the email, we will also confirm the retreat package and payment plan/timeline that you have outlined in your registration form.

    • We accept payments via PayPal, Venmo, Cash App or via Check. Please click on the links below to complete all payments for the retreat.

Q - What can I expect in this retreat experience? 

A -  Our Solstice Chakra Reset will be 5 full days of action-packed harmonizing fun and opportunities to rest and release. Here are some of the things you can expect with your package: 

1. Ground roundtrip transportation airport pick-up and drop-off from Montego Bay airport if you arrive on June 17 and depart on June 22nd (or a travel voucher for participants who arrive on June 16/depart on June 23rd). 

2. Twice Daily Yoga classes – Activating Vinyasa Flow at Sunrise and Restorative Hatha/Yin at Sunset

3. Daily insights and participatory education on yoga philosophy through an Afro- and Asian-centered lens as well as practical application of & activities on how to use the chakras to heal and balance oneself

4. Inclued Excursions to YS Falls Park, Lovers Leap, and Ancestral Wisdom Preserve farm

5. Fresh seasonal fruits before breakfast & unlimited access to water during retreat.

6. Delicious, life-giving island meals and beverages for those who reserve at Jakes Hotel and the option of meals or pay-as-you-go food packages for those who reserve at Jack Sprat Motel

7. Downtime to enjoy the beach, read on a hammock, treat yourself to a body scrub or massage, support local businesses, and an abundance of sunshine!

Q -  What is a Solstice Chakra Reset?


A - Yoga is a systematic spiritual practice that teaches us how to deepen our connection to inner selves, through breath work, mindful movement, engaged philosophy, and embodied praxis. The Chakras are a knowledge system and energy centers that have been passed onto us from ancient African, South Asian, and indigenous civilizations. Similar to yoga, the Chakra system is a tool that brings us into an energetic understanding of our inner selves. Placed in conversation with each other, yoga and the chakras allow us to tap into our highest selves and achieve our highest purpose -- ideally a higher purpose that is also connected to the liberation of humanity and Mother Earth. This is why Empress Thandi and Sheena Sood decided to birth and curate a Solstice Chakra Reset that is purposed toward the interconnection of individual and collective freedom. This wellness reset is designed as a 5-day retreat that is designed for participants to connect with the land, culture and people of Jamaica; to deepen their journey to self; to learn some practices and life hacks for everyday wellness; to apply ancient wisdom systems to their personal lives, relationships, social justice, and purposeful work; and to experience an unforgettable and sacred adventure.  


Q - What precautions are the retreat curators AND hotel management staff taking to ensure safety and protection from COVID?

A- We are taking COVID seriously. All of the staff at Jakes Hotel are vaccinated as well as the retreat curators. Feel free to read Jakes Treasure Beach's Covid Protocols document here.

The retreat will be held in outdoor areas to minimize exposure and transmission of the virus. As well, during the times at which participants will be in enclosed spaces (for instance, a bus ride), participants will be asked to mask up. 


Q - What do I need. to know about traveling to Jamaica during COVID?


A - You will need a valid passport to enter Jamaica. If you are traveling from the US, you will not need a visa.


Currently, all tourists who are traveling to Jamaica from outside the country are required to take and receive a negative COVID test prior to arriving in the country. 


Please see to find out about the policies and guidelines to enter Jamaica.


Q - I have never practiced yoga before, but I am interested in attending. Is that permitted? 


A - Yes, we certainly will not restrict participants from attending the retreat based on previous practice of and familiarity with yoga. We will be practicing twice per day, so if you are new to the practice, your body will be challenged. At the same time, participants will be encouraged to practice to their own limit/capacity. The morning yoga sessions will be gentle, Hatha-inspired practices, and the evening sessions will be restorative and oriented toward contemplative mindfulness. While the retreat asks that participants commit to showing up in body, mind, and spirit for the entire retreat period, the sessions will definitely be offered at a beginners level and catered to all levels of practice. Participants should talk to the curators if they have further questions about their own capacity and commitment, but ultimately, please know the decision to participate is ultimately yours. 


Q - When does the retreat begin and end? 


A - The retreat begins on Friday, June 17th at 6:00 pm with a tour of Jake’s, opening circle and welcome dinner. The retreat ends on Tuesday, June 22nd no later than 12:00 pm. Housing accommodations cover the nights of June 17th, 18th 19th, 20th, and 21st. Check in is on the 17th is at 3:00 pm. Check out on the 22nd at 11:00 am.


Participants who want to take advantage of the included roundtrip ground transportation pick-up through their retreat package should book their air travel to arrive at Montego Bay Airport on June 17th no later than 2 pm. Please let us know if you plan to book your travel on June 16th or 23rd, so we can look into shuttles for ground transportation on those days as well.

While we understand travel itineraries vary based on an assortment of reasons, participants must book their airfare accommodations to/from Montego Bay Airport for their ground transportation to be included.

We will have a formal closing ceremony on the night of June 21st, but we will also offer an additional closing yoga class on the morning of Sunday, June 22nd, to conclude by 9:00 am. For those who wish to partake in the final yoga class, please plan to book your return flights accordingly (with enough time to account for transportation to the airport and airport check-in). Montego Bay Airport is approximately 2.5 hours from Treasure Beach.



Q - What is the cost to participate in the 5-day Solstice Chakra Reset?


A - The cost of the retreat varies based on the package that participants select. Please click here to see all the variety of accommodations available, ranging in cost from as low as $950 per participant to $2,550 per participant to accommodate all budgets.


Q - Is the retreat all-inclusive?


A - The retreat includes accommodations, yoga teachings and excursions for all participants. It is also all-inclusive with meals covered for participants who register their accommodations at Jakes Hotel (All Ocean View, Garden View, and Cottage options). Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meals are covered at a limit of $75/day at any of the following three restaurants: Jakes Hotel’s in-house restaurantJack Sprat Restaurant, or Lovers Leap.


The retreat does not include meals for participants who register their accommodations at Just Next Door (formerly known as Jack Sprat Motel), with the exception of 2 meals and snacks included for off-site excursions. For participants who book one of the retreat packages at Jack Sprat Motel (Just Next Door), they have the freedom of exploring the town for meals on their own, or they can pay an additional $75/day ($375 for entire retreat) for meals at Jakes Hotel’s in-house restaurant.


Q - Where will I be staying?


A - This retreat includes housing. Participants will stay at Jake’s Hotel Treasure Beach, which is located along 7 acres of coast line. Additional amenities at Jakes include guest access to a salt water swimming pool, an oceanfront yoga deck, Driftwood Spa, an in-house restaurant, life guards on duty, indoor reception and lounge areas, and the ease of a beach in your backyard. 


Q - Will I be sharing a room or can I have a room by myself?


A - It depends what retreat option you select. Participants have the option to share a room or have a room for themself. When you select your accommodation, you can choose single (Look for the option that ends in a "1") if you wish to stay in a room by yourself; double (look for the option that ends in a "2") if you wish to stay in a room with 1 other person. 


If you choose to stay at Just Next Door, you can save even more by staying in a quad or dorm-style accommodations  (look for the option that ends in "4" or "D).


Cost varies according to the retreat package you select.

Q - Will downtime be incorporated into the retreat?


A - Yes! There are a couple days where we have excursions planned to the waterfalls, Wisdom Preserve Farm and Lovers Leap, but there will also be a couple days with whole afternoons and evenings of free time!  Check out the beach, local restaurants; make a wellness appointment at Wise Wellness Spa where you get a 20% discount; rest on a hammock with a book or journal; go on a hike, or rent a bicycle! It’s up to you! If you want to schedule more down time in Treasure Beach, you can also lengthen your stay for a day or two after the retreat ends!

Q - Can I arrive at Jakes a couple days before the retreat begins or stay in Treasure Beach for a few days after the retreat ends?

A - You are more than welcome to arrive earlier than the retreat or leave after, but all reservations must be arranged and confirmed directly with Jakes Hotel management staff if you plan to stay there, or of course with wherever your subsequent destinations take you!


Q - I really want to participate, but I cannot pay all of the cost upfront. Is there a payment plan?


A - Yes. We are happy to arrange for a payment plan. We do require that all participants email us to get their payment plan approved. Please calculate a monthly payment plan suggestion that will work for you. In your email, please inform us of how much you wish to pay each month leading up to the retreat. Please note that the retreat organizers must receive 50% of the total amount for your specific package by March 31, 2022; and 100% of your retreat cost by April 31, 2022

Q - What is the deposit? 


A - We are asking that 50% payment of your selected retreat package is due upon registration to secure your spot in the retreat. If you wish to email us about a payment plan and suggest an alternative deposit, that is fine. You must still be prepared to make a 20% deposit upon registration.

Q - Which airport should I fly to?


A - We strongly recommend you fly into Montego Bay Airport. It is closer in distance to Treasure Beach and transit time is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. Should for some reason, you need to fly into Kingston airport, talk to us about additional charges. 

Q - Who do I contact for my airport pick-up/drop-off?


A - Once you book your flight, please send the following flight details to us at:

  1. Airline carrier,

    1. Arrival information: Date, Flight number, Expected Time of Arrival

    2. Departure Information: Date, Flight Number, Departure time.

    3. (Preferred but not required): A photo of you (so we can forward it to the Taxi driver for them to easily find you at the airport).


PLEASE SEND your flight itineraries no later than May 1st, 2022. Once we group your arrival/departure times into a cohesive list, we will forward your itineraries to Jakes. Please note that that ground transportation is arranged via an airport shuttle. Because Jakes Treasure Beach is over 2 hours from MBJ airport, Jakes arranges airport pick up/drop off in groups of 4. While we will do our best to minimize wait times (and will try to accommodate you as best as possible), participants may arrive at the airport and be asked to wait for up to 3 hours for their arrival/return flights.


For those participants who arrive on June 17th and depart on June 22nd, Jakes Treasure Beach can include the ground transportation pick-up from Montego Bay Airport on these dates. 


For those who arrive on June 16th or depart on June 23rd, in the event that we will still try to arrange for a free carpool for ground transportation. This guarantee is dependent on how many participants arrive on the 16th/leave on the 23rd (if at least 4 participants arrive on the 16th and a group can be established, it is included). If not, we can still help arrange for the airport shuttle, but participants may be asked to cover part or all of the airport shuttle costs. In the event that there are not enough people going to/from the airport at that time, you will receive an airport transfer voucher of (estimated at $100) and be required to pay the difference to the driver (estimated at $50).


For those who arrive on or before June 15th or leave Treasure Beach for MBJ airport after June 23rd, you will also receive an airport voucher and be asked to pay the difference. 

Please note that because of the variation in arrival times and arranging carpools, participants may have to wait at the airport for 1-2 hours. Please arrange to have snacks with you for your arrival, and we certainly will send some snacks and water with the drivers.

Q - Where is Treasure Beach?


A - Treasure Beach is located along the southern coast of Jamaica in St. Elizabeth’s Parish, the farming belt of the island. Significantly removed from the traditional “tourist areas” in Jamaica, Treasure Beach is known as the home of Community Tourism and boasts several fishing villages along its coast. As an unspoiled town, Treasure Beach offers visitors an authentic glimpse into Jamaican culture and lifestyle. It offers both a serene and relaxing atmosphere, as well as the beauty of sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, vibrant coral reefs, magical starlit nights, friendly locals, rich farmland, delicious cuisine and mountainous views. 


Q - Are the beaches safe to swim in?


A - Yes! Because of the coral reef and layout of the coast, some beaches in Treasure Beach are designated as safe for swimming, while others are reserved for fisherman. The beaches at Jakes Hotel and Jack Sprat have lifeguards on duty and present daily between 9 am – 5 pm. As well, there are other beaches in the area, some are more suitable for swimming than others. Some of the beaches are located in private bays.

Q - Is Jamaica safe for tourists?


A - Jamaica is largely a safe area to visit. Treasure Beach is undoubtedly one of the friendliest areas in Jamaica and offers a welcoming and comfortable experience. Tourists are more likely to find someone willing to help rather than harm or hassle them. Treasure Beach is a mostly rural town that boasts a tight-knit community. People know each other here, and that helps locals and tourists stay accountable to each other. 


Q - Will the retreat be LGBTQ+ friendly? 


A - Absolutely. We welcome participants of all sexual orientations and gender identities to the retreat.


Q - What if I want to arrive a day or two before the retreat begins and leave a day or two after the retreat ends?                                                                                                                                               


A- We figure folks will be asking this question, and we definitely understand why participants may want to arrive early for or stay after the Solstice Chakra Reset! Ground transportation to/from the airport is dependent on our capacity to arrange carpools to/from Montego Bay Airport.  

For those who arrive on June 16th or depart on June 22nd, in the event that we can arrange for a carpool of 4+ participants to/from the airport, your ground transportation is included. In the event that it is not, you will still receive an airport transfer voucher of (estimated at $100) and be asked to pay the difference to the driver (estimated at $50). For those who arrive before June 16th or after the 22nd, you will still receive an airport voucher and be asked to pay the difference. 

Please note that because of the variation in arrival times and arranging carpools, participants may have to wait at the airport for 1-2 hours. Please arrange to have snacks with you for your arrival.

If you wish to reserve an extra night at Jakes, please contact their management staff directly to schedule accommodations, by phone 1-876-965-3000, Whats App 1-876-564-3000 or email - (Please let them know you are arriving for the Solstice Chakra Reset from June 16th-21st). If you wish to settle in the room you are in for the retreat, you can definitely let them know the room (for example, 2 or 3-bedroom Cottage, Oceanview, Gardenview, Jack Sprat Motel/Just Next Door, etc.) you are booking, and they will try to accommodate you accordingly. They have also agreed to extend a 10% discount on the additional days you stay with them!

Q - What if I am on a tight budget but want to attend? 


A- If you are on a tight budget, we can also recommend other cottages and guest homes within walking distance of Jakes, such as Shakespeare Cottage or Katamah Guesthouse. If you stay at a location other than Jakes/Jack Sprat, the cost for participation in the Solstice Chakra Reset is $750. It includes access to the twice daily yoga practice, daily lessons and activities, on the chakras, excursions to YS Falls, Lovers Leap, and Ancestral Wisdom Preserve farm, musical entertainment, and 2 meals.

Q - What if I need to cancel or if a medical emergency came up? 

A- Please refer to our payment and cancellation policy page for answers to these questions, or email us if your question/concern remains.