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Healing Justice

Systemic violence and structural oppression threaten personal and community well-being.


Contemplative practices, like yoga and mindfulness, offer us space to center our well-being.

This is where healing justice enters. By teaching us to live in alignment with the one another and Mother Earth, embodied traditions like yoga, offer us a blueprint for social justice. 

I curate healing justice programs and workshops for youth groups, organizations, and studios that want to bring a critical and decolonizing approach to their use of yoga and spirituality for collective healing. 

  1. Decolonizing Yoga:
    • An adaptable 1 (or 2) day workshop for studios, trainings (min 3 hrs.)
  2. Healing Justice:
    • A framework and workshop series that uses a "radical healing"/"healing justice" approach to develop programs for youth groups, collectives, and organizations​ (approx. 4-12 weeks)

Previous examples of "healing justice" programs that I have curated include:​


  • "Free Mumia, Free Your Mind, Free Them All": A 4-month yoga series that sought to bring new activists into the campaign to free political prisoners while sharing skillful meditation and yoga techniques, and humanize long-time political prisoner Mumia​
  • "Yogini Sistahs for Liberation": A 2-day workshop for queer folx, womyn and PoC youth to learn about yoga and the chakra healing system through an Indigenous African- and South Asian-centered lens. 
  • "Meditations with Malcolm":  a 6-week healing series that uses embodied healing and Malcolm X speeches to advance the struggle for Black liberation


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