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“Community is a consciousness of the interrelatedness one has with others.” - Shawn Ginwright

Yoga with Youth: The Radical Healing approach

As an educator, community activist, and wellness practitioner, Sheena aims to share yoga and mindfulness with young people (approx. 14-25) through a framework of radical healing. Sheena has curated healing justice and wellness programs in schools and youth organizations. Sheena has worked with organizations like the Philadelphia Student Union (PSU), the (Temple) University Community Collaborative of Philadelphia (UCCP), TUFF Girls (Turn Up For Freedom) and high school programs to introduce their youth leaders and students to yoga through a framework of decolonization, radical healing and healing justice. The following are some workshops and programs she has developed in collaboration with youth groups in the Philadelphia area.

  • Living for Change - Bridging the Wisdom of Grace Lee Boggs to Youth Transformation

  • Meditations with Malcolm - Read the work of Malcolm X and find ways to bridge his wisdom to a practice of spiritual growth self and community empowerment.

  • The Yogic Wisdom of Avatar: the Last Airbender - Bringing Balance to the world

  • Yogini Sistahs for Liberation


If you, or your organization, are interested in Sheena developing a program for your youth, please contact Sheena today! 


"Dr. Sood visited my Comparative Religions class to discuss the notion of Decolonizing Yoga and facilitate a current events assignment based on her work.  Dr. Sood's presentation was both skillful and engaging and firmly rooted in historical scholarship and structural analysis.  My students were challenged to think in critical ways about religion and religious practices like yoga across several contexts.  Dr. Sood's academic approach to the subject was richly complemented by her own personal narratives and experiences as a yoga practitioner and teacher, making for a dynamic, relatable, and provocative presentation and discussion. I am grateful to her for sharing her time, expertise, and wisdom with me and my class.  She has an open invitation to return anytime!"


-Michael LoStracco, Chair of Religious Studies & Philosophy, William Penn Charter School

“Meditations with Malcolm gave me a space to look into myself and learn to just be and contemplate on my experiences throughout the series.” 

- Philadelphia Student Union youth leader

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