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A regular yoga practice invites us into a deeper discovery of oneself; an awareness of that which we need to pay closer attention to so we can heal; a space to examine personal and global suffering; and a call to invite duty and transformation into our lives. 

Let's Practice Together!
*All yoga classes are currently facilitated online!*
My yoga classes invite YOU to:
  • Tap into a deeper, more interconnected layer of self-awareness.
  • Steer your spiritual journey toward an ethics of social & environmental justice.
  • Find alignment in a purpose that is authentic to you & your community's needs.
  • Discover the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual tools & skills that improve your life on a daily basis.
  • Cultivate habits and make choices that inspire you to care for yourself, your loved ones, and all of human and living species.
Whether you landed here for yourself, your kids, your youth group, or your institution, I have developed curricula to meet your needs.  ​​​
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